Roma – Italy

FASE2 ->Stores reopening and we are “allowed” to move without certification |olé

The windows are wide open, it’s been warm and sunny for weeks. Today it’s different, there’s something (re)newed
The noise is overwhelming, violent.

The sounds of a city trying to pick itself up from where it left.
After the surreal silence since March 9th
it’s almost unbearable. I’ve already had my espresso – I left the recorder on the windowsill, approximately midway between Outside\Inside. my own sacred threshold, the space in between – the space where in\out meet. I put my classical music playlist on – getting ready to do my f* smart-working – but, there’s no way it would all blend. no way it’ll become harmonious. Sometimes it grows the outside, some others the inside.

it underlines the disconnection that this lockdown has reinforced.

It is alienating. I tell myself that, if I endure the idiosyncrasy,

the world in\out and out\in will rewire itself and weave into each other… i wait it’ll happen

there’s beauty in the awkward succession of sounds

the workers, their voices\shouting, the jackhammers, the classical music, the sweet women from the other building asking for how long they’ll stay, the singing of sopranos and playing of big orchestras with Maestro – how I miss that, the stage – the theatre and\or set. I wander carried by imagination and sensory memory.

44:44 minutes – a sacred number yet,  I shut all down. too much.

no editing of the sounds

the images on the loop are some objects that, in 72 days of strict lockdown, kept me company – their scans are a memento of how simple symbols make a narrative of such an introvert period.

repetition:  the” hamster wheel” experiment we’ve been thru in the world before now. The old paradigm?

thoughts, images, emotions on the loop becoming obsessive thinking: the neuronal tracks from the covid 19 lockdown?

we are what we do but, do we do what we really want?

are we all just hamsters on more or less visible wheels?

just questions, no need to answers.

it’s not yet time, we’re in the middle of a be-coming

of the new world paradigm.

in green youth I trust

unedited R(A)M 2020