Mani che toccano il senso di quel che rappresentano|

Arcani & Braille


                                        The Day before the Lockdown 2020, Italy

These pictures are an afternoon experimentation in studio with performer Irene Trapani on some of the most inspiring concepts in theatre: body movement, actions defining characters & storylines, the multiple and diverse codes as languages, shadow and light.
This explorative-dance of the hands aimed to represent some Tarot cards, the archetypical meaning of it. On post-production I’ve used Braille writing to translate the content, allowing To Read the Image. Thinking about people needing that access but – a personal continuos Recherche – on activating multisensorial experiences to a more extended audience.

        Rosa A. Morelli                                      

♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦   ♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦  ♠♣♥♦   ♠♣♥♦ 
PS – The photographs published do not have the high resolution of the original artwork due to the temporary impossibility to print. ✅


©R(A)M 2020