“Set the egg before you, the God in his beginning.

And behold it.

And incubate it with the magical warmth of your gaze.”

Carl Jung

The Red Book

Winter Tales, 2019

The symbolism of the Egg is part of many cultures.\ To me, it’s an endless inspiration given by its shape, texture and the incognito it contains.\
It breeds the UNKNOWN, what IT COULD BE and so the possibility to imprint our desires and call.\ It can be our vision quest before the active mission.\ That liminal moment on the threshold of BEING: the place of the infinite possibilities of the BeComing. \ The Egg is the Dream Master, a Mothership of the Soul. \ If we tap into its essence, energy, vibration it can reveal worlds rich of symbols carrying powerful messages.\ it is connected to the Self in its integrity.\ This particular “Green Set of 13” is inspired and dedicated to my mentor for She has been the Master on exploring and expressing those endless possibilities to incarnate. \To The Creative Mother and her Greenlight drop-in that has shaped many lives for the better.\ 13 \ 

Thank You “Hooligandreamer” Elizabeth Kemp.

[Focusing on the gift of having had you in my/our life rather than the loss] 

Rosa A. Morelli

©R(A)M 2019